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Work-Free Vacation

How To Take Work-Free Vacation

If you’re like me you love taking vacations. If you are a solopreneur running a business by yourself you likely find it difficult to just drop all of your work a few days or more while you recharge your batteries.

I actually avoiding taking time off for nearly a decade as I built my online business. I was always afraid that something would go wrong if I took my eyes off my business for any period of time. When I finally felt comfortable travelling again I always had my laptop in tow so I could keep up with emails and my blog content.

But let’s face it. Vacations are designed to allow you to completely forget about work and focus only on relaxing.

So how do you leave your work behind when you leave for vacation? It’s all about the prep.

First, you need to create a checklist of all the things you need to get done before you leave town. Your checklist will ensure you won’t forget anything important to do and worry about them while you’re gone.

Weekdone has compiled a new infographic which is basically a blueprint for your checklist that will help you pre-plan your vacation and avoid stressing out about work that you may be missing.

Infographic source: weekdone

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