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The Top 4 High-Growth Industries For 2018

Four Industries Poised To Explode In 2018

Everyone would love to jump on a high-growth market. Look what just happened with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

You might be late to the crypto party but how would you like to be early to the next industry party?

99designs has created a really cool infographic that will show you what’s trending this year. There’s no guarantee that these four industries will explode like crypto did but there’s no doubt that there is plenty of opportunity for savvy marketers.

The truth is that opportunities are all around us all of the time. Knowing which opportunities may turn into a white hot market requires a lot of research, some risk taking and a little bit a lot of luck.

For example, a few years ago I had an online client that wanted to pay me in Bitcoin. I turned him down simply because I hadn’t taken the time to do my due-diligence on cryptocurrency (research), I wasn’t prepared to trust my hard-earned money on a new standard (risk taking) and as it turned out it was a bad decision on my part (bad luck). Had it gone another way for me I would be have been sitting on a pile of money. But such is life! Sometimes you’re the bug; sometimes you’re the windshield. 

*Excellent infographic from 99designs.


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