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Small Space. Big Impact.

This kitchen was a very small space, and when you’ve got a small space… It’s important to consider all of the details. Everything is more noticeable but it’s also essential to consider how the space will be used in order to maxamize functionality.


Previously, this space had a soffit that separated the cabinets from the ceiling. This not only looked bad, but it reduced the amount of storage as well. That, combined with maroon counters and oak cabinets didn’t give this kitchen much to offer. We decided to keep the existing layout, but we took out the soffit and did new two-tone cabients. We extended them all the way to the ceiling to maxamize storage and added a unique exhaust hood to create a visual impact. This meant sacraficing some storage, but in a small space it’s also important to have something that’s “special” – Our other special element is obvious because we painted it bright teal. Saloon doors are a fun way to create definition without separating a space completley. They also allow you to have more open-air storage without it being an eyesore. I always prefer to hang them upside-down so that the straight edge is on top vs the curved edge because I think it creates a more modern look.

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We embraced new flooring throughout, fresh paint, and brought in modern cabinet hardware to help give the kitchen a finished look. This space might still be small, but the changes we did, made a big impact. Now this kitchen space offers more storage and a lot more style!

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