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Lemons = Lemonade

As the saying goes… ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!’ And the same statement is true for houses. Every house has something negative about it, but the important thing is to think of ways to make it into a positve. Outdoor laundry would definitley be considered ‘lemons’ to most people because the idea of doing your delicates when it’s 120 degrees outside just isn’t appealing!


But this 1950’s home didn’t have any other options. All of the connections were located outside and that’s where it needed to stay. The nice thing about this space was that it was fully covered and enclosed with walls on three sides. I decided to take the enclosure a step further by having a custom wood slatted screen built to fit the existing opening. Over the past few years, this has become one of my signatures because I love the privacy and style it adds to homes. This screen gives the outdoor laundry an “indoor” vibe and makes the entire space much more secure. We painted it ‘Bling’ by Behr and the yellow color brought so much visual interest to the space! An outdoor storage closet was also available off this laundry room space, and although it was a big asset for the home… It was easily overlooked. Therefore we painted it white for contrast and added large black letters that spell the word ‘STUFF’ – This created a playful look and buyers can’t resist looking inside.


To make this outdoor laundry even more appealing, we installed a stainless-steel wall mounted fan to help keep the space feeling cool (and look cool too). We installed a high-end washer and dryer set and I hung artwork on the exterior walls to help people forget that they were actually outside. All of these changes helped to make this negative into a positive. The glass window on the exterior door gives a peek-a-boo view of the laundry from inside the house and makes people want to walk outside… When you’re out there – The space has so much to look at, that by the time you go back inside the house, you’ve already forgotten that you were outside at all!

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