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Just ‘Vlogging’ Around

Almost 10 years ago… I was sitting on the couch with my Mom watching HGTV pondering what college major I should select, and what to do with my life… It was at that moment, that I decided I wanted to do what I was watching! Design and TV combined… Unfortunately they don’t have a major for that, but it’s what inspired me to pursue a Design Degree and continue on to do almost 50 flips since graduating. In all this time,  I’ve had a few close calls with TV and recently some exciting developments… So I thought I’d give ‘Vlogging’ a try to share a recent kitchen we completed with some simple design solutions and cost saving ideas without sacrificing style!

Turn up your volume. Brace yourself for some selfie-stick camera footage. And push play!


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About Valentin Luboya

Valentin Luboya
I’ve been involved with numerous aspects of real estate since 2008, but my vision and passion is in flipping houses.I love the fact that when I am done with a rehab, I can see tangible results for the effort I have put in.And I love that I am creating homes for new families I can put a smile on the face of kids. I get paid for helping others.

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